Electrocatalytic activity of AuCeO2/C towards ethylene glycol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions

  • Virginija Kepenienė
  • Raminta Stagniūnaitė
  • Daina Upskuvienė
  • Loreta Tamašauskaitė-Tamašiūnaitė
  • Vidas Pakštas
  • Audrius Drabavičius
  • Mindaugas Andrulevičius
  • Eugenijus Norkus
Keywords: gold nanoparticles, cerium(IV) oxide, ethylene glycol oxidation, oxygen reduction


AuCeO2/C and Au/C catalysts were obtained by adsorption of AuNPs on the CeO2/C and pure carbon (C) substrates from an Au colloidal solution. It has been found that AuNPs of ca. 50 nm in size were adsorbed on the surfaces of CeO2/C and C; however, electrocatalytic activity of the investigated AuCeO2/C and Au/C catalysts was different. Ethylene glycol oxidation current density values are ca. 3 times higher on the AuCeO2/C catalyst as compared to those of the bare Au/C catalyst. Moreover, the AuCeO2/C catalyst showed more positive onset potentials, as well as higher current in the mixed-kinetic-diffusion region towards the oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline medium compared to that of the Au/C catalyst.