Static headspace gas chromatographic determination of hexanal as a marker of lipid oxidation in fat-rich food

  • Vida Vičkačkaitė
  • Gintarė Pipiraitė
  • Vilius Poškus
  • Ingrida Jurkutė
  • Birutė Bugelytė
Keywords: hexanal, static headspace gas chromatography, fat-rich food


Static headspace gas chromatographic method for determination of hexanal as a marker of lipid oxidation was developed. Tetradecane was suggested as a matrix for hexanal release from the sample. Sample equilibration temperature and time, tetradecane volume, injection time were optimized. Benzaldehyde was selected as an internal standard. Under the optimized conditions quality parameters were determined. The calibration curve was linear in the concentration range from 25 µg l–1 to 2 g l–1, the detection limit was 15 µg l–1, RSD was determined by five replication analysis with hexanal concentration 0.1 g l–1 and was 1.2%. The technique was applied for hexanal determination in potato chips and fried potatoes.
Analytical Chemistry