On-column cryofocusing and analyte enrichment device for gas chromatography systems

  • Audrius Sadaunykas
  • Audrius Zolumskis
  • Audrius Markevičius
  • Evaldas Naujalis
Keywords: gas chromatography, cryofocusing, analyte enrichment


The objective of this work was to design, construct and test the sample focusing and concentration enrichment device for gas chromatography. The device was based on four metal rings, between which a capillary column and two wire heaters were placed. The metal rings were connected to each other and cooled down using liquid nitrogen. The column was connected to the gas chromatography system using a heated transfer line. The research was conducted on how the length of the cooled column influences focusing and enrichment capabilities of the system. It was found that the analytes were focused better by using a longer cooled part of the column. The longer cooled column was also able to retain a greater volume of the analytes, injected consecutively. By using the 95 cm cooled column length, it was possible to retain 20 injections and detect a 20 times bigger peak area. By changing the temperature of the cooling zone, it was also observed that peak symmetry is heavily dependent on it. Lower cooled zone temperatures produced narrower and more symmetrical peaks.
Analytical Chemistry