The Fast and the Negative: Dialectics and Posthumanism

  • Ljubisha Petrushevski
Keywords: avant-garde, Marx, Nick Land, Brexit, accelerationism, real abstraction


The article refers to the way the recent TV drama Brexit: The Uncivil War deconstructs the inherent contradictions of modern capitalism. Historically, both Marx and the avant-garde believed that acceleration or deceleration will aggravate the contradictions to the point of the collapse of the system. British cultural theory further expounds this issue by adding a curious philosophical perspective of the way capital deals with the abstraction of the real in the digital era. Their take on accelerationism subsequently created two competing aesthetic and political concepts: the left wing that endeavours to exploit the dialectical negativity in order to re-purpose the technological speed away from capital’s imaginary, and the right wing that embraces the acceleration of the forces of production to disclose the invasion of posthuman, machinistic Singularity.
Social and Political Philosophy