The Dialectics of Distance and Nearness in Philosophies of G. W. Fr. Hegel and L. Feuerbach

  • Lina Vidauskytė
Keywords: distance, nearness, theory, practice, commonness, absentmindedness, astronomy, philosophy


Using the method of H. Blumenberg (metaphorology) the article focuses on ‘a dialectics of distance and nearness’ in philosophy and everyday life of G. Fr. Hegel and L. Feuerbach (let us say – another two examples of the biography of ‘distance’ and ‘nearness’) and here lies the novelty of the article. These metaphors ‘distance’ and ‘‘nearness’ are not just a simple decoration of philosophical language, but rather they are indicators of the phenomenological approach to the world. Blumenberg in his work Das Lachen der Thrakerin. Eine Urgeschichte der Theorie analysed the reception of the old story about Thales and Thracian women in the philosophical tradition. The story metaphorically shows the relationship between invisible proto-theory and practical wisdom. It also projects a very significant feature of theory – the exotic behaviour of the observer (absentmindedness). The laughter of practical wisdom means the disappearance of distance and the emergence of everyday importance (nearness). Unfortunately, Blumenberg’s methodological approach is not developed further by other philosophers.