Ethics in the Environment of Media and Technologies

  • Vitalija Keciorytė
  • Edvardas Rimkus
Keywords: etchics, media, technology, morality, communication, philosophy, politics, society


The scientific conference ‘Ethics in the Environment of Media and Technologies’ held at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is reviewed in the article. The text represents the course of the conference and the main thoughts of speakers, and some ideas of the participants are discussed in more detail. The topics explored in this scientific event are the following: the meaning of sacrifice, decentered subject in media, the wars of world-views, technical artefacts in the antique philosophy, the problem of nihilism in Heidegger’s philosophy, ethics of representation of vulnerable subjects, paradoxes of media ethics, face in media, evil in communication, ethics of cultural and creative industries, ethics of technology, and various other ethical problems of media, politics and medicine.