Comparative Analysis of Students’ Attitudes Towards Migration in Russian Borderlands

  • Renald Simonyan
Keywords: cross-border regional studies, young specialists, attitude to emigration


Migration studies are a major area of interest in social science. Globalisation and mediatisation hasten the advent of open societies where anyone can easily compare their aspirations in life with the lifestyles of people living in other states and, most importantly, neighbouring countries. Young people, who are more digitally confident and socioculturally mobile, have more opportunities to compare. Young specialists living in border regions are of particular interest because they live in a direct contact with neighbouring states. For the first time in social sciences, this article – which is a follow up to the contribution published in Issue 4 in 2020 – carries out a comparative analysis of the emigration attitudes of students from Russian regions bordering on the EU, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China.
Ethnicity, Nationalism, Migration