The preservation of total organic carbon of the Silurian Pridoli strata in the Milaičiai-103 well core of Western Lithuania

  • Augustė Gelūnaitė
  • Andrej Spiridonov
Keywords: Silurian, Pridoli, total organic carbon, sequence stratigraphy, Silurian Baltic sedimentary basin


The Pridoli series is one of the thickest and most complete stratigraphic intervals of the Silurian as well as other systems of the Lithuanian part of the Baltic sedimentary basin. In this study we present a sequence stratigraphic model of the sedimentary succession in the Milaičiai-103 core section. High resolution trend of concentrations of total organic carbon is presented in the developed stratigraphic context. The variability in the total organic matter amount in different sequence stratigraphic system tracts was statistically evaluated using the generalized linear mixed-effect modeling approach. The statistical analysis revealed that the highest concentrations of total organic carbon in the studied section are expected in a highstand and transgressive system tracts and significantly lower concentrations are expected in a lowstand and falling stage system tracts.
Sekų stratigrafija / Sequence Stratigraphy