Hydrothermal effect on groundwater level fluctuations: case studies of Čepkeliai and Rėkyva peatbogs, Lithuania

  • Justas Kažys
  • Egidijus Rimkus
  • Julius Taminskas
  • Sigita Butkutė
Keywords: groundwater level, Lithuanian peatbogs, Čepkeliai, Rėkyva, precipitation, CLIMPEAT project


The peatbogs are very unique and relatively vulnerable ecosystems for every kind of disturbances. This research analyses the relationships between groundwater level (GWL) fluctuations and meteorological conditions in Lithuanian peatbogs. Two case study areas (Čepkeliai and Rėkyva peatbogs) with permanent GWL monitoring points were investigated. The period from 2002 till 2011 was analysed in Čepkeliai and the period from 2011 till 2014 in Rėkyva. The final results indicate that rainfall is the most important factor determining the groundwater level fluctuations in the warm season, while temperature and evapotranspiration play only a minor role. The relationship between GWL and precipitation strongly depends on soil properties. The findings in Rėkyva revealed that the reactions of GWL on meteorological conditions in various parts of the  peatbogs were not the  same. Also, the analysis showed that the reaction of GWL on precipitation differs in cold and warm seasons.
Gamtinė geografija / Physical Geography