Last journey to motherland of great explorer of Andean geology / Ultimo viaje a la patria del gran explorador de la geologia Andina

  • Algimantas Grigelis
  • Leonora Živilė Gelumbauskaitė


The Lithuanian Society of Ignacy Domeyko was established 4 December 2002. During the 15 years. The Society has collected a lot of new data concerning the lifetime of the oldest noble family Kontrim-Domeyko in the area of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The family is known from 1498 when it got the coat of arms “Danguel” after King Vladislaus The Second. A family tree shows their residence deep from 1725. Among the family circle are known land-lords, judges, custodians, nobleman marshals, but most illustrious was a widely known scientist, famous geo­lo­gist Ignacy Domeyko (31.07.1802 Niedzwiadka – 23.01.1889 Santiago).
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