Choralo mokykla (The School of Plainchant) by Teodoras Brazys within the Context of International Studies on Gregorian Chant in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

  • Jonas Vilimas
Keywords: Teodoras Brazys, church music, Gregorian chant, plainchant studies, methodological handbook


Among the books on the history and theory of music written in Lithuania in the past, there are some works that have made a significant impact on the development of the Lithuanian musical culture and which, however, are quite forgotten nowadays. One of these is the handbook of Gregorian chant Choralo mokykla (The School of Plainchant) by Teodoras Brazys (1870–1930), the renowned Lithuanian priest, composer, and musicologist of the first half of the twentieth century. The handbook was published in 1926, in the early years of the restored Republic of Lithuania. However, it could still be considered as the best written methodological aid in this field. The article deals with the circumstances and the motives of writing this handbook, along with a discussion of the European context of the movement for restoration and promulgation of Gregorian chant, especially after the pontificate of Pius X and his notable motu proprio Tra le sollecitudini. It also analyses the impact of the authors that Brazys mentions himself and the works and methods used by them. In addition, the article examines the level of originality of the handbook and attempts to trace the books and handbooks that made the biggest impact on Brazys and his work.