GaSb-based heterostructures for high power and pulsed laser operation

  • J. Paajaste
  • S. Suomalainen
  • R. Koskinen
  • A. Härkönen
  • S. Kivistö
  • M. Guina
  • O.G. Okhotnikov
  • M. Pessa


We have studied monolithically grown GaSb-based vertical-cavity heterostructures. First we demonstrate GaSb-based optically pumped vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting laser (OP-VECSEL) emitting multi-watt output power. A VECSEL gain structure comprising 15 In0.2Ga0.8Sb quantum wells grown on (100) n-doped GaSb substrate emitted continuous wave output power of over 4 W at 1970 nm wavelength operating near room temperature. Lasing was detected even at 50 0C mount temperature. We also present a GaSb-based semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) operating at 2 μm wavelength region. For the purpose of generating short laser pulses, the SESAM was carefully designed to attain a large modulation depth. The device was utilised successfully to passively Q-switch a 2 μm Tm3+-/Ho3+-doped fibre laser, demonstrating record-short Q-switch pulses of about 20 ns. Keywords: molecular beam epitaxy, antimonides, semiconducting III–V materials, infrared devices
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics