Image formation of radially and temporally truncated Bessel beams

  • O. Rebane
  • M. Lõhmus
  • P. Saari


The Fourier-lens-formatted image of a radially truncated Bessel beam is theoretically calculated and compared with the experimentally measured results. A peculiarity – the weak central spot in the focused image of an apertured Bessel beam – has been recorded for the first time. Femtosecond-domain temporal evolution of the image of two types of superluminal localized wave packets – the so-called Bessel-X pulse and the focused X wave – is studied theoretically. For the Bessel-X pulse the aperture truncation leads to appearance of twin pulses in the image plane. In the case of the focused X wave, the ring changes its colour revealing the full bandwidth of the ultrashort wave packet. Keywords: Bessel beam, Bessel-X pulse, Fourier optics
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics