Conventional high-power pulsed light source for decontamination of meat from food pathogens at non-thermal conditions

  • V. Gudelis
  • Ž. Lukšienė


The aim of this study was to evaluate the optimal algorithm of high-power pulsed light technique constructed for decontamination of meat surface from pathogenic microorganisms. Our experimental data indicate that the high-power pulsed light is fast and effective chicken surface decontamination tool and can decrease food pathogens Salmonella and Listeria by 2.0 orders of magnitude in non-thermal conditions. The constructed equipment and obtained data may serve in the future for advanced development of high-power pulsed light technique which could be used for decontamination of food matrixes or food related surfaces in non-thermal conditions. Keywords: pulsed light technique, decontamination, chicken, Salmonella, Listeria
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics