Dependence of silicon pin diode electrical characteristics on proton fluence

  • T. Čeponis
  • A. Balčytis
  • A. Dzimidavičius
  • E. Gaubas
  • J. Kusakovskij
  • K. Žilinskas


A comparative analysis of capacitance–voltage (C–V ) and current–voltage (I–V ) characteristics dependent on proton irradiation fluence in the range from 7·1012 to 7·1014 p/cm2 has been performed in float zone (FZ) silicon PIN diodes. A δ-shape and triangle profiles of radiation induced defects were formed by irradiation with protons having energy in the range from 2.0 to 2.7 MeV. Temperature-dependent variations of current (I–T) at fixed reverse voltage VR enable one to extract the thermal activation parameters. These values are found to be in a quantitative agreement with trap activation parameters measured by DLTS technique. The role of point and extended defects in correlated modifications of C–V and I–V characteristics of the irradiated diodes is discussed. Keywords: radiation defects, Si PIN diodes, capacitance–voltage, current–voltage characteristics