Investigation of the switching and carrier recombination characteristics in the proton irradiated and thermally annealed Si PIN diodes

  • A. Uleckas
  • T. Čeponis
  • A. Dzimidavičius
  • E. Gaubas
  • J. Pavlovas
  • K. Žilinskas


Results of comparative study of deep level transient spectroscopy and of reverse recovery time (RR) of PIN diodes with δ-and triangle-shape radiation defect distribution profiles are presented. FZ silicon PIN diodes were irradiated by varying proton fluence in the range of 1013–1015 p/cm2 and keeping fixed or gradually changing protons energy in the range of 2–2.7 MeV to introduce different profiles of radiation defects. Variations of the functional characteristics of PIN diodes containing different density of radiation defects and their distribution profiles are compared. Isochronous 24 h annealings in the temperature range of 80–400°C have been performed in order to suppress the detrimental carrier generation centres Keywords: reverse recovery time, deep level transient spectroscopy, radiation defects, carrier lifetime, Si PIN diodes