In uence of aerosol particle concentration on volumetric activities of indoor radon progeny



The influence of aerosol particle concentration on changes of volumetric activities of radon short-lived decay products was investigated. Volumetric activities of radon short-lived products in accommodations under various living conditions were measured. Concentrations of aerosol particles in the air, equilibrium factors, and unattached fraction were determinated under normal living conditions and by increasing the concentration of aerosol particles in the air of the accommodations. An increase of radon short-lived decay products attached to aerosol particles was obtained during a candle or frankincence burn, in smokefilled compartments, or in steamy kitchen conditions, therefore larger volumetric activity of the alpha particles was registered. Negative correlation coefficient between unattached fraction and the radioactive equilibrium factor, as well as positive correlation coefficient between the radioactive equilibrium factor and aerosol particle concentration in the air of accommodations has been determined. Seasonal changes of the radioactive equilibrium factor are presented. Keywords: radon, short-lived decay products, volumetric activity, aerosol particle, radioactive equilibrium factor, unattached fraction factor
Environmental Physics