InAlGaN laser diodes grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy.

  • C. Skierbiszewski
  • M. Siekacz
  • H. Turski
  • M. Sawicka
  • A. Feduniewicz-Żmuda
  • P. Perlin
  • T. Suski
  • Z. Wasilewski
  • I. Grzegory
  • S. Porowski
Keywords: GaN, laser diodes, molecular beam epitaxy, InGaN growth


We present recent progress in the growth of nitride-based laser diodes (LDs) made by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PAMBE). This technology is ammonia-free, and nitrogen for the growth is activated by RF plasma source from nitrogen molecules. The demonstration of continuous wave blue-violet InGaN LDs has opened a new perspective for PAMBE in optoelectronics. We demonstrate the laser diodes grown by PAMBE operating at the range from 410 nm to 455 nm. The key factors which allow us to extend the lasing wavelength to 455 nm are (a) improvements in the growth of InGaN quantum wells with high nitrogen flux in PAMBE, and (b) design of the laser diode structure. We also report on optically pumped lasing at 501 nm on InGaN laser structures which show that there are no intrinsic limitations in PAMBE technology for the growth of green LDs.