Carrier drift and diffusion characteristics of Si particle detectors measured in situ during 8 MeV proton irradiation

  • E. Gaubas
  • T. Čeponis
  • J. Vaitkus
  • J. Raisanen
Keywords: carrier drift, diffusion and recombination, current transients, particle detectors, radiation defects


The carrier drift and recombination parameters determine the functional characteristics of Si high energy particle detectors. In this work, techniques for the in situ control of drift–diffusion current transients during 8 MeV proton irradiation are discussed. The characteristics obtained in silicon particle detectors and carrier drift–diffusion and generation parameters variations during proton exposure are analysed. The models of current transients within a depleted diode with the drifting-induced charge domain at low and high densities of light excited excess carriers within the diode base region have been proposed. A small impact of radiation defects on carrier drift/diffusion parameters and more complex variations of excess carrier recombination / trapping lifetimes during irradiation have been revealed.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology