Transport through asymmetric two-lead junctions of Luttinger liquid wires

  • D.N. Aristov
  • P. Wölfle
Keywords: Luttinger liquid wires, quantum transport, conductance, renormalization group theory


We calculate the conductance of a system of two spinless Luttinger liquid wires with different interaction strengths g1 , g2 , connected through a short junction, within the scattering state formalism. Following earlier work we formulate the problem in current algebra language, and calculate the scale dependent contribution to the conductance in perturbation theory keeping the leading universal contributions to all orders in the interaction strength. From that we derive a renormalization group (RG) equation for the conductance. The analytical solution of the RG-equation is discussed in dependence on g1 , g2 . The regions of stability of the two fixed points corresponding to conductance G = 0 and G = 1,respectively, are determined.