Luttinger liquids with multiple Fermi edges: Generalized Fisher-Hartwig conjecture and numerical analysis of Toeplitz determinants

  • I.V. Protopopov
  • D.B. Gutman
  • A.D. Mirlin
Keywords: on-equilibrium, many-body problems, Toeplitz determinants, Luttinger liquids, Fermi-edge singularity, tunneling spectroscopy


It has been shown that solutions of a number of many-body problems out of equilibrium can be expressed in terms of Toeplitz determinants with Fisher-Hartwig (FH) singularities. In the present paper, such Toeplitz determinants are studied numerically. Results of our numerical calculations fully agree with the FH conjecture in an extended form that includes a summation over all FH representations (corresponding to different branches of the logarithms). As specific applications, we consider problems of Fermi edge singularity and tunneling spectroscopy of Luttinger liquid with multiple-step energy distribution functions, including the case of population inversion. In the energy representation, a sum over FH branches produces power-law singularities at multiple edges.