Sintering of oxygen ion conductive ceramics and their electrical properties

  • S. Kazlauskas
  • A. Kežionis
  • T. Šalkus
  • A.F. Orliukas
Keywords: solid electrolyte, ionic conductivity, ScSZ, GDC


Oxygen ion conducting ceramics (Sc2O3)0.1(ZrO2)0.9, (Sc2O3)0.1(CeO2)0.01(ZrO2)0.89 and Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 were sintered from powders with different specific surface areas. The produced ceramics were studied by scanning electron microscopy and impedance spectroscopy methods. Impedance spectroscopy measurements were performed in a wide frequency range of 10 Hz–3 GHz at temperatures up to 900 K in air. Temperature dependences of bulk and total ionic conductivities of ceramics were investigated. High bulk ionic conductivity of the order of 1 S/m at 900 K for 10ScSZ and 10Sc1CeSZ ceramics was achieved. Total ionic conductivity for both types of 10GDC ceramics was of the order of 0.1 S/m at 700 K.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology