Femtosecond laser processing – a new enabling technology

  • R. Buividas
  • M. Mikutis
  • T. Kudrius
  • A. Greičius
  • G. Šlekys
  • S. Juodkazis
Keywords: solar cells, micro-optical elements, ripples, 3D polymerisation


Recent results in high-precision surface ablation, film removal, ripple formation are presented. Volume processing via polymerization, marking, dicing, cutting, and drilling of semiconductor and dielectric materials are discussed. We focus on processes which can be carried out at a high throughput in the industrial environment or/and can deliver functionalities currently not amenable by competing technologies. Unique features of direct laser writing by femtosecond laser pulses are highlighted. Methodology for solutions of engineering tasks is presented. Namely, the laser irradiation parameters are selected on the basis of the required processing conditions for the material of a workpiece.
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics