Nanophotonic lithography: a versatile tool for manufacturing functional three-dimensional micro-/nano-objects

  • M. Malinauskas
  • G. Kiršanskė
  • S. Rekštytė
  • T. Jonavičius
  • E. Kaziulionytė
  • L. Jonušauskas
  • A. Žukauskas
  • R. Gadonas
  • A. Piskarskas
Keywords: ultrafast laser, 3D microfabrication, nanotechnology, lithography, photopolymers, photoresists, photonic crystals, optofluidics


In this paper, an overview of literature supported by original experimental results on direct laser polymerization of three-dimensional micro-/nano-structuring of various photopolymers is presented. Alternative technologies, principles of threshold based direct laser writing in polymers employing ultrafast lasers, issues of optimization of the laser structuring parameters for increasing fabrication resolution and production throughput are presented and discussed. Examples of woodpile templates and nanogratings are shown as well as an opto-fluidic sensor design for usage in lab-on-chip type devices is demonstrated and its performance is characterized. Additionally, a possibility to produce a three-dimensional electric circuit is introduced.
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics