Carrier-envelope phase control of Yb:KGW laser and parametric amplifiers

  • T. Stanislauskas
  • R. Antipenkov
  • V. Martinėnaitė
  • L. Karpavičius
  • A. Varanavičius
  • P. Mišeikis
  • D. Grigaitis
  • D. Mikalauskas
  • R. Karkockas
  • V. Sinkevičius
  • L. Giniūnas
  • R. Danielius
  • T. Balčiūnas
  • A. Pugžlys
  • A. Baltuška
  • B. Schmidt
Keywords: carrier-envelope phase, CEP, phase noise, frequency comb, Yb, KGW mode-locked laser


In this paper we present the most recent results on the optimization of the carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization of a Yb:KGW laser system and parametric amplifiers. The implementation of several CEP locking techniques and their combinations allowed us to reduce the RMS phase noise of the oscillator to the values below 100 mrad and demonstrate the operation of the whole laser system with the CEP jitter of 170 mrad. The active and passive CEP stabilization for parametric amplifiers was tested. The operation of optical parametric amplifiers in the passive CEP stabilization regime with an additional slow feedback loop providing the CEP jitter as low as 70 mrad over 6 hours was demonstrated.
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics