Resonators with intracavity photonic crystals

  • M. Peckus
  • R. Rogalskis
  • V. Sirutkaitis
  • K. Staliūnas,
Keywords: photonic crystals, resonators, diffraction


We investigate theoretically and experimentally light dynamics in plane-mirror Fabry-Pérot resonators filled with two- and three-dimensional photonic crystals. It has been predicted that the diffraction of such resonators can be manipulated [20] and used to control the linear and nonlinear light pattern formation there. Here we study the phenomenon in detail. We show the hyperbolic shape angular transmission profiles in case of a two-dimensional photonic structure (obtained by the one-dimensional modulation of the surface of the mirrors) and study the sub- and superdiffractive regimes in such resonators. We also summarize and review the previous results [21] of a resonator filled by a three-dimensional photonic structure (obtained by the twodimensional modulation of the mirrors).
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics