Theoretical and experimental study of non-stoichiometric SrRuO3: a role of oxygen vacancies in electron correlation effects

  • Š. Masys
  • V. Jonauskas
  • S. Grebinskij
  • S. Mickevičius
  • V. Pakštas
  • M. Senulis
Keywords: perovskite crystals, density functional theory, ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy


We present a theoretical and experimental study of the electronic structure of SrRuO3 after introduction of vacancies. Theoretically, the modeling of non-stoichiometric variations of SrRuO3 was performed by removing appropriate atoms or their combinations, whereas in the experiments the annealing treatment at moderate temperatures in ultra-high vacuum was applied. At comparison of the obtained results allows us to draw an important conclusion that the formation of oxygen vacancies may be closely related to the manifestation of strong correlation effects in SrRuO3.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology