SiC and GaAs emitters as selective terahertz radiation sources

  • J. Požela
  • E. Širmulis
  • K. Požela
  • A. Šilėnas
  • V. Jucienė
Keywords: THz radiation sources, black-body radiation, coupled plasmon–phonon polaritons, SiC, GaAs


Two types of electrically heated THz radiation emitters: (1) the Globar-SiC (black body), and (2) the highly doped GaAs plate, are considered as selective high-power terahertz (THz) radiation sources. The spectrum of the new type GaAs emitter in the 9–15 THz frequency range is determined by oscillations of free electron plasma and coupled plasmon–phonons. The thermally stimulated resonant emission of surface plasmon–phonon polaritons is experimentally observed. The radiative modes of coupled surface plasmon–phonon polaritons in the n+-GaAs plate are identified.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology