Fabrication of periodic micro-structures by holographic lithography

  • E. Stankevičius
  • M. Gedvilas
  • B. Voisiat
  • M. Malinauskas
  • G. Račiukaitis
Keywords: holographic lithography, four-beam interference, SZ2080, periodic micro-structures, multi-photon polymerization, double-period effect


The principles of the holographic lithography technique are reviewed, and the ability in the formation of structures with different periods by the holographic lithography technique in SZ2080 is demonstrated. The influence of laser exposure, phase shift between interfering laser beams, and the used laser wavelength on the structures fabricated by the four-beam interference technique has been studied. It is shown that by using the − interfering beams with a different phase is it possible to reduce the period of the structure √2 times compared to the four interfering beams of the same phase. Fabrication of micro-structures by the holographic lithography technique can be realized via multi-photon and single-photon polymerization processes. The structures created by these two techniques are compared. Finally, in the experiments with the five-beam interference, the doubleperiod effect was observed by adding the zero-order beam with a low intensity. The fabricated periodic microstructures have the potential to be used as a scaffold for cell growth and micro-optics.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology