Non-resonant tunnelling in short-period superlattices with optical cavities

  • M.S. Kagan
  • I.V. Altukhov
  • S.K. Paprotskiy
  • A.N. Baranov
  • R. Teissier
  • N.D. Il’inskaya
  • A.A. Usikova
  • A.D. Buravlev
  • V.M. Ustinov
Keywords: superlattices, non-resonant tunnelling, optical cavities, Purcell effect


The vertical transport in short-period InAs/AlSb and GaAs/AlAs superlattices was studied. The negative differential conductivity was observed in a miniband transport regime as a result of the overlapping of confined states in a periodic quantum well structure (Esaki-Tsu mechanism). Several maxima appeared on current–voltage characteristics of the superlattices found in the non-resonant tunnelling regime. They are shown to be due to the influence of the optical cavity on optical transitions within quantum wells (Purcell effect).