Generation of THz radiation due to 2D-plasma oscillations in interdigitated GaN quantum well structures at room temperature

  • A. Penot
  • J. Torres
  • P. Nouvel
  • L. Varani
  • F. Teppe
  • C. Consejo
  • N. Dyakonova
  • W. Knap
  • Y. Cordier
  • S. Chenot
  • M. Chmielowska
  • P. Shiktorov
  • E. Starikov
  • V. Gružinskis
Keywords: plasma waves, terahertz radiation emission


We report on room temperature electrically-induced terahertz emission from interdigitated GaN quantum well structures. The emission spectrum has been analysed in a Michelson interferometer using a 4K-Si bolometer as a terahertz detector. A resonant peak at the frequency of around 3 THz was observed in emission spectra. A threshold behaviour of the resonance with respect to applied voltage takes place. By using the proposed analytical model the measured/observed experimentally resonant behaviour of emission spectra is interpreted as a result of ungated stream-plasma instability in the channel.