Methods, algorithms, and computer codes for calculation of electron-impact excitation parameters

  • P. Bogdanovich
  • R. Kisielius
  • D. Stonys
Keywords: electron impact, excitation, many-electron ions


We describe the computer codes, developed at Vilnius University, for the calculation of electron-impact excitation cross sections, collision strengths, and excitation rates in the plane-wave Born approximation. These codes utilize the multireference atomic wavefunctions which are also adopted to calculate radiative transition parameters of complex many-electron ions. This leads to consistent data sets suitable in plasma modelling codes. Two versions of electron scattering codes are considered in the present work, both of them employing configuration interaction method for inclusion of correlation effects and Breit-Pauli approximation to account for relativistic effects. These versions difer only by one-electron radial orbitals, where the first one employs the nonrelativistic numerical radial orbitals, while the other version uses the quasirelativistic radial orbitals. The accuracy of produced results is assessed by comparing radiative transition and electron-impact excitation data for neutral hydrogen, helium, and lithium atoms as well as highly charged tungsten ions with theoretical and experimental data available from other sources.
Atoms and Molecules