Spectroscopy of radiation traps in Si by temperature dependent photoconductivity and generation currents

  • E. Gaubas
  • T. Čeponis
  • J. Pavlov
  • A. Velička
  • V. Kalesinskas
Keywords: spectroscopy of carrier traps, photoconductivity transients, carrier lifetime, generation current


An analysis of excess carrier decay transients has been performed on the reactor neutron irradiated Si n-type material grown by the magnetic field applied Czochralski (MCZ) technology, using the microwave-probed photoconductivity (MW-PC) transient technique. The measurements of temperature dependent excess carrier lifetime variations were carried out on the just irradiated and annealed samples in order to identify the prevailing radiation defects and to predict trap behaviour under thermal treatments. The activation energy of the dominant carrier traps has been extracted. Barrier capacitance and generation current variations in neutron irradiated MCZ Si pin diodes have been controlled employing the barrier evaluation by the linearly increasing voltage (BELIV) technique, as well.