Migration-enhanced epitaxy of thin GaAsBi layers

  • R. Butkutė
  • V. Pačebutas
  • A. Krotkus
  • N. Knaub
  • K. Volz
Keywords: GaAsBi, migration-enhanced epitaxy, quantum wells


Thin GaAsBi layers and bismide-based multiple quantum structures were grown by migration-enhanced epitaxy onto GaAs(100) substrates at 140–240 °C temperatures. The Bi content in GaAs, evaluated from high-resolution X-ray diffraction scans, varied from 2.5 to 10.3% depending on growth temperature, Bi and As atomic ratio as well as on the sequence of Ga, Bi, and As molecular supplies. The atomic force microscopy revealed a tendency of smoothening of the GaAsBi surface with substrate temperature decreasing. Transmission electron microscopy investigations evidenced high crystalline material quality of GaAsBi quantum wells and GaAs barriers.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology