Additional symmetry properties of atomic states with one and two open shells

  • R. Karazija
Keywords: ground state of atom, symmetry with respect to a quarter of shell, binding energy, interval rule, isospin basis


Additional symmetry properties of the ground state of an atom and quantities related with it, of the configuration with two open shells with the same orbital quantum number, and of the maximal Auger amplitudes are considered. Algebraic energy expressions for terms of the highest multiplicity and terms related with them as well as for the ground and highest levels are presented. Classification of states for the n1lN1n2lN2 configuration according to their parentage in the isoelectronic sequence of configurations and the properties of such a basis are considered. Reformulation of this basis using the isospin formalism is discussed. Existence of selection rules for the maximal Auger amplitudes is indicated.
Atoms and Molecules