Phonon-assisted kinetics of electron-hole pair in two-band model

  • E. Klotins
Keywords: two-band model, electron-hole excitation, Baker-Campbell-Hausdorf canonical transformation


Photoexcited kinetics of electrons and holes in two-band dielectric including phonon-assisted generation of the electron-hole pair is modelled by combining the quantum field and solid-state band theory. These methods create an explicit time-domain representation of photoinduced processes without resorting to the perturbation theory for the electromagnetic field. Input entities for the two-band model are dispersion relations for the electron and hole, the band-gap, and the phonon frequencies computed by nonrelativistic methods or found experimentally. The phonon-assisted electron-hole pair kinetics is initiated by the BakerCampbell-Hausdorff canonical transformation accounting for the back reaction of phonons to the electron-hole subsystem. The output is a unifying phonon-assisted description of the distribution function of electron and hole quasiparticles.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology