Influence of vacancies on indium atom distribution in InGaAs and InGaN compounds

  • T.V. Bezyazychnaya
  • D.M. Kabanau
  • V.V. Kabanov
  • Y.V. Lebiadok
  • A.G. Ryabtsev
  • G.I. Ryabtsev
  • V.M. Zelenkovskii
  • S.K. Mehta
Keywords: InGaN, InGaAs, defect formation energy


It has been theoretically ascertained that for defect-free InGaAs and InGaN compounds the uniform distribution of indium atoms is more energetically preferable than the clustering distribution. The presence of gallium and arsenic vacancy in InGaAs and nitrogen vacancy in InGaN facilitates indium atom clustering distribution. It has been shown that the increase in the indium content in InGaAs and InGaN compounds leads to the decrease of the formation energy of gallium, arsenic and nitrogen vacancies.