Immobilization of radioactive waste in cement: Iodine binding by cementitious materials under highly alkaline conditions

  • R. Druteikienė
  • J. Šapolaitė
  • Ž. Ežerinskis
  • E. Naujalis
  • A. Puzas
Keywords: iodine, cement, sorption, desorption, Kd


This work is directed to assess iodine interactions with hardened cement paste (HCP) under highly alkaline conditions (pH > 12) with/without a reductant. For this purpose, a series of Kd (distribution coefficient) experiments using 127I as a tracer were performed. The Kd values of iodine were in the order of 172–1095 mL g–1 in the batch experiment without a reductant, and in the order of 83–92 mL g–1 in the experiment with a reductant. The percentage of iodine leached out from HCP throughout the experiment suggested its very strong binding with cementitious materials. The obtained results allow supposing that chemical speciation of iodine has influence on the interaction of iodine with HCP under highly alkaline conditions.
Interdisciplinary Physics