Manifestation of proton structure in ridge-like correlations in high-energy proton–proton collisions

  • P. Kubiczek
  • S.D. Głazek
Keywords: high-energy proton–proton collisions, two-particle correlations, collective flow, proton structure, renormalization group


Ridge-like correlations in high-energy proton–proton collisions reported by the CMS collaboration suggest a collective flow that resembles the one in heavy-ion collisions. If the hydrodynamic description is valid, then the effect results from the initial anisotropy of the colliding matter which depends on the structure of protons. Following recent theoretical developments, we propose several phenomenological models of the proton structure and calculate the anisotropy coefficients using the Monte Carlo Glauber model. Our estimates suggest that the event multiplicity dependence allows one to discriminate between different proton models.
Subatomic Physics