Custom on demand 3D printing of functional microstructures

  • L. Jonušauskas
  • E. Skliutas
  • S. Butkus
  • M. Malinauskas
Keywords: 3D printing, microfluidics, lab on chip, regenerative medicine, laser


Rapid development in 3D printing technologies promises a cheap and simple yet reliable way for producing various components and structures for research in numerous science fields. This work is dedicated to investigate the possibility to use fused filament fabrication based 3D printing to fabricate microchannels for microfluidical applications as well as diverse 3D scaffolds for biomedical applications. We also examine the possibility to further improve fabricated structures by employing an ultrafast laser, namely by laser light filamentation and using direct laser writing. Results of this study are discussed in detail and outlook for further work in this field is given.
Interdisciplinary Physics