Enhancement of quantum efficiency in InGaN quantum wells by using superlattice interlayers and pulsed growth

  • K. Nomeika
  • M. Dmukauskas
  • R. Aleksiejūnas
  • P. Ščajev
  • S. Miasojedovas
  • A. Kadys
  • S. Nargelas
  • K. Jarašiūnas
Keywords: light emitting diodes, nitride semiconductors, photoluminescence, carrier recombination, carrier diffusion


Enhancement of internal quantum efficiency (IQE) in InGaN quantum wells by insertion of a superlattice interlayer and applying the pulsed growth regime is investigated by a set of time-resolved optical techniques. A threefold IQE increase was achieved in the structure with the superlattice. It was ascribed to the net effect of decreased internal electrical field due to lower strain and altered carrier localization conditions. Pulsed MOCVD growth also resulted in twice higher IQE, presumably due to better control of defects in the structure. An LED (light emitting diode) structure with a top p-type contact GaN layer was manufactured by using both growth techniques with the peak IQE equal to that in the underlying quantum well structure. The linear recombination coefficient was found to gradually increase with excitation due to carrier delocalization, and the latter dependence was successfully used to fit the IQE droop.