Radiation spectrum of hot excitons in Si nanocrystals

  • A.V. Gert
  • I.N. Yassievich
Keywords: silicon nanocrystals, ‘hot’ electrons, energy relaxation


The self-trapped exciton state (STE) is very important for the dynamics of hot excitons in photoexcited silicon nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 matrix. This fact has been recently confirmed by the experimental data obtained by the femtosecond pump– probe spectroscopy technique in Amsterdam University. In this work we have studied the energy exchange between the exciton localized in the STE state and the hot exciton in the core of silicon nanocrystals and have shown that it determines the dynamics of the energy distribution of the hot excitons. Using the Monte-Carlo we have simulated the energy distribution of excitons in the time interval 10–100 ps after excitation. Thus the model of formation of the distribution of hot excitons in silicon nanocrystals is developed and the fast formation of the wide energy distribution is demonstrated. The form of the photoluminescence spectrum almost directly corresponds to the energy distribution of excitons in a silicon nanocrystal at a given moment. In the result we have found the relaxation times of hot excitons equal to 100 ps and the inner quantum efficiency of the ultrafast photoluminescence of about 0.1%. These values are close to the experimentally observed ones.