Review of electron transport properties in bulk InGaAs and InAs at room temperature

  • S. Karishy
  • P. Ziadé
  • G. Sabatini
  • H. Marinchio
  • C. Palermo
  • L. Varani
  • J. Mateos
  • T. Gonzalez
Keywords: Monte Carlo, transport, InGaAs, InAs


A Monte Carlo simulation of electron transport in In0.53Ga0.47As and InAs is performed in order to extract the main kinetic parameters: mean valley population, effective mass, drift velocity, mean energy, ohmic and differential mobility. Most of these quantities are crucial for the development of macroscopic numerical models. Moreover, for some calculated quantities, analytical interpolation equations are given in order to achieve easy implementation in numerical codes. A comparison between our Monte Carlo calculation and several experimental and theoretical calculations is also carried out in order to validate the results.