ESR spectroscopy of alanine impacted by high energy irradiations for wide range dosimetry

  • T. Čeponis
  • E. Gaubas
  • J. Venius
  • A. Cicinas
  • F. Callens
  • J. Kusakovskij
  • H. Vrielinck
  • K. Mizohata
  • J. Raisanen
  • P. Tikkanen
Keywords: ESR spectroscopy, dosimetry, alanine


The ESR spectrometry, based on alanine dosimeters, is a standard tool for dosimetry of different type ionizing radiations. The calibrated dosimeters and ESR readers operate rather reliably in the dose range up to 200 kGy. In this study, the ESR spectrometry of stable free radicals in alanine, induced by penetrative X- and γ-rays as well as neutron and stopped proton irradiations covering the dose range from a few Gy to a few MGy, has been performed in order to create the generalized calibration function for the wide range dosimetry. The simulations based on the cumulative generation of ESR active stable radicals R1, R2 and R3 enabled us to derive the generalized calibration model ascribed to the irradiation fluence from 1010 to 2 × 1016 particle/cm2 normalized using 1 MeV neutron equivalent.
Interdisciplinary Physics