Shielding effects in thin films of carbon nanotubes within microwave range

  • A. Paddubskaya
  • M. Shuba
  • G. Valušis
  • P. Kuzhir
  • S. Maksimenko
  • A. Okotrub
  • E. Flahaut
  • A.M. Galibert
  • B. Soula
  • V. Fierro
  • A. Celzard
Keywords: microwave frequency range, electromagnetic response, carbon nanotubes


The electromagnetic shielding properties of thin films comprising different types of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were analysed in the microwave frequency range (26–36 GHz). A comparative analysis of the shielding properties was achieved for films based on long and short single-, double- and multi-walled CNTs. The experimental results proved that long-length single-walled CNTs demonstrate the highest interaction with the electromagnetic (EM) field, thereby providing the best shielding efficiency. At the same time, double-walled CNTs demonstrate a higher level of absorption ability (50%) along with the overall high EM shielding efficiency (88%), which makes them attractive for using in nanoelectronics screens as they produce the smallest secondary EM pollution.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology