Liquid crystalline material exhibiting multiple phase transitions: morphologic properties and optical transmission

  • A. Nesrullajev
Keywords: liquid crystals, texture, multiple phase transitions, optical transmission, heterophase regions


Morphologic and thermo-optical properties of liquid crystalline material exhibiting multiple phase transitions were investigated in this work. Investigations were carried out for both the direct (by heating) and the reverse (by cooling) phase transitions. Thermo-morphologic properties of the heterophase regions of phase transitions were investigated. Temperature dependences of the optical transmission were studied, the mean optical density of crystalline state, smectic C, smectic A and nematic mesophases was estimated, temperature widths of the heterophase regions of crystal ↔ smectic C, smectic C ↔ smectic A, smectic A ↔ nematic and nematic ↔ isotropic liquid phase transitions were determined with high accuracy.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology