Radiative transitions for three lowest configurations of tungsten ions W38+–W43+

  • R. Karpuškienė
  • P. Bogdanovich
  • R. Kisielius
Keywords: tungsten, level energies, radiative rates, Landé g-factors, lifetimes


The ab initio quasirelativistic approximation was used to derive transition data for the multicharged tungsten ions W38+–W43+ with an open 4p shell. The configuration interaction method with transformed radial orbitals was applied to include electron correlation effects. The relativistic effects were taken into account in the Breit–Pauli approximation for the quasirelativistic Hartree–Fock radial orbitals. The level energies E, radiative lifetimes τ, and Landé g-factors were calculated for the 4s24pN, 4s24pN–14d, and 4s4pN+1 configurations of six tungsten ions. The radiative transition wavelengths λ, spontaneous emission transition probabilities A and their uncertainties for the electric dipole, electric quadrupole, electric octupole, magnetic dipole and magnetic quadrupole transitions among the levels of these configurations are presented.
Atoms and Molecules