Theoretical study of 4p5nln'l'LSJ states of Sr ion excited by electron impact on Sr atom

  • A. Kupliauskienė
Keywords: electronic structure of atoms and molecules, theory, autoionization, atomic excitation and ionization


Calculations of energy levels and electron-impact excitation cross sections of the Auger autoionizing states 4p5nln'l' (nl = 4d, 5s, 5p; n'l'= 4d, 5s, 5p, 5d, 6s, 6p, 6d, 7s, 7p) of Sr ion were performed. A large-scale configuration interaction method on the basis of the solutions of Dirac–Fock–Slater equations was used. The cross sections of electron-impact simultaneous ionization and excitation, and Auger decay of the electron-impact excited states of Sr atom to the 4p-core excited autoionizing states of Sr ion were calculated for the first time and used to estimate the intensity of ejected electron lines. Tentative identification of the Auger electron lines of Sr ion registered in a number of experiments is presented.
Atoms and Molecules