The growth, structure and luminescence properties of ZnSe1-xSx materials

  • O.G. Trubaieva
  • M.A. Chaika
  • A.I. Lalayants
Keywords: mixed crystals, ZnSe1-xSx, radiation detector, scintillator, X-ray induced luminescence


ZnSe1-xSx crystals with a higher content of selenium or sulfur ions adopt, respectively, a wurtzite or sphalerite structure. Luminescent properties of ZnSe1-xSx crystals are determined by ternary VZnZniOSe complexes for crystals with a cubic (sphalerite) lattice, and by sulfur vacancies VS for crystals with a hexagonal (wurtzite) lattice. Light output of ZnSe1-xSx crystals increases with increasing the sulfur content up to x = 0.3 and reaches the value of light output observed for ‘classic scintillator’ ZnSe(Te). At the same time, the ZnSe1-xSx bulk crystals possess better thermal stability at the same energy of emitted photons (hn ~ 2 eV) as compared to that of the ZnSe(Te) crystals.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology