Tunnelling radiation of charged particles from a Hořava–Lifshitz gravity black hole

  • G.-Q. Li
  • Y.-Y. Ou
  • Z.-T. Lin
Keywords: tunnelling radiation, Hořava–Lifshitz gravity, first law of thermodynamics, black hole


The Hawking radiation of charged particles from black holes in the Hořava–Lifshitz (HL) gravity is investigated by using the Parikh–Wilczek (PW) method, and the emission rate is calculated. The emission spectrum is not purely thermal and is consistent with an underlying unitary theory. Some other characteristics exist for a HL gravity black hole. Assuming the conventional tunnelling rate associated with the change of entropy, the entropy of the HL gravity black hole is obtained. The entropy is not proportional to the horizon area because a logarithmic term exists. However, it complies with the first law of thermodynamics and is in accord with earlier results.
Mathematical and Computational Physics